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Nov. 24th, 2016



Geez, I feel so appreciated..

Heh.... it's been a long time. With Tumblr etc... I kinda forgot about LJ. And I forgot this comm existed. Ah well....

"Author, please updt your story about <ommitted>. U dont mind which one as long as its <ommited>. Sorry for being demanding"

Err... 'U'? Are you referring to yourself or me? Because I DO MIND. And sorry, you don't sound TOO sorry. Well, at least it was not in all caps.

You know, it might be petty for me... or that I maybe overreacted. But to receive this particular not!review--SIGNED review on FF to boot!--is really putting a damper on my spirit.

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Jun. 12th, 2016



"Oh good, you *FINALLY* updated! :D Wow, another good chapter! Not as long as I would have liked, but oh well. An update is an update, and it was more than adequate, too. x)"

Uh... I'm sorry, but If you found the update adequate, then why complain about it in the first place? And the emphasis he puts on how I "*FINALLY* updated" rubs me wrong as well. I'm sorry if I'm not updating as rapidly as you want me to. I am not at your beck and call.

A chapter ago, he told me he was glad my fic had more of an emphasis on a certain canon character because he didn’t want to have to learn about any original characters. Except that no, reading character profiles isn’t necessary to follow or enjoy my stories. My job as the author is too introduce you to the cast via the story. Basically what he said boiled down to "Any OC that me or my awkward friends hasn't personally made isn't worth learning about." They all have quite a few characters between them, and Mr. Reviewer certainly don't seem to have any issues keeping up with of them. He's going to be disappointed that an OC is going to play an instrumental part in events in the next chapter.

I don't know if people will think I'm overreacting or not. This dude has a bad history of making inappropriate remarks and backhanded compliments whenever he comments on anything I post. It just might be that to anyone not familiar with the fandom we're both in, his behavior appears innocuous.

Jun. 1st, 2015


So, I probably shouldn't have engaged... *sigh*

So I got this comment the other day on my current WIP which has gone nearly two months without an update, sadly, due to all the things I've been dealing with in RL that have kept me from writing. Most of my friends list and AO3 readers are aware that it's been a tough time personally for me lately and have patiently borne with me. I've been averaging about once a month updates, occasionally managing to get a chapter out after two or three weeks, but usually about once a month.

I'm emotionally attached to this story more than anything else I've ever written, and apparently it touches readers too, because I've been so happy to receive numerous long, thoughtful comments that lead to long conversations between me and readers about the story. It's been a wonderful experience and I feel secure knowing that the majority of my readers will stick with me even with a long time between updates.

Then I get this comment that says "Are you gonna update soon?" Nothing more. From someone who'd NEVER commented anything else on the story before, for the record.

I politely responded back that I was dealing with some RL issues but hoped to have an update out by the end of that week, if possible.

Then exactly one week later I get another comment from a different reader (again, someone who'd left me NOTHING in the feedback department thus far) saying only, "It's been a week."

Am I wrong to think that this is rude?

I probably shouldn't have, but yeah... I engaged. *sigh* :P

Here is the thread, submitted for your opinions.

Am I being out of line? Did I stay sufficiently classy? Is this commenter as rude as they're coming across to me?


Apr. 21st, 2015


Yeah, so...

I have a kink you clearly don't agree with. I certainly don't think that's a reason to call me [horrible insult]
mentally retarded.

I don't screen reviews. And I don't block anonymous reviews. But a review that's personally insulting/a flame? I'm going to delete it. And I would apologise, but that would be a lie, so...

I'm pretty ticked off about this, particularly because leaving an anonymous review that contains a personal insult is the coward's way out.

Sep. 16th, 2014


Did you even READ the story? *sigh* :/

So, I'm posting a WIP that - well, let's just say I know it's not everybody's cup of tea.
Cut for mild reference to torture and non-con...Collapse )

Apr. 24th, 2014



I go to the cinema, a lot, and often tend to see films very soon after they begin showing. And then I often get ideas for fics for said films. Sometimes, I can hold them off for a while. Other times, they turn into plot bunnies that gnaw on my leg and won't let me go until I pay attention to them and write.

So I had this yesterday. And I did what I normally did when posting - I indicated there were spoilers. In the summary box. Right before I wrote the actual summary. This is what it basically read:


So why did I then get two reviews saying, 'Your summary contains spoilers! Change it! Wah wah wah!' I'm... really struggling to understand why there were two people who completely disregarded the message in block capitals to read a summary (which wasn't even that spoilery, in my opinion). Am I wrong to think it was kind of weird? (And so totally unnecessary to demand, 'What the hell?')

I've now added to the spoiler warning, but after the clear fact that at least two people can't think that maybe they should read the note in capitals, I'm starting to lose my faith in humanity. Plus, it was a really big disappointment to have two reviews come through only to then realise they're from people who are too lazy to take a moment to actually read a warning.

Yep. I'm still bitter about this. I have a policy never to delete reviews, but those two have become the exception.

Sorry this is long, it's just... is indicating there are spoilers not enough? Do I have to write the vaguest summary possible, just so that people won't hassle me because they can't be bothered to read?

Apr. 8th, 2014

SoA: Jax Teller


Old rant is old, I'm sure...

Dearest guest reviewer at The Pit,

Demanding that I post chapter 12 "ASAP like today" is not going to accomplish what you want. Granted, I've probably spoiled you with frequent updates to this point, so I can understand how anxious you are after three days of waiting.

But the next chapter is not ready. It probably won't be ready until tomorrow. You see, I have this thing called a life and another thing called a job, so I have to squeeze my writing into about two and a half hours in the evenings. There's also this little problem with characterization in the next chapter that I'm still working to fix. I can't really tell since you didn't log in to leave your "review," but if you're one of the ones who's appreciated how closely I've managed to keep the characters true to the original work, which isn't easy considering how fucked up one of them is, then rushing it isn't going to make you happy.

So, please kindly sit back down and be patient, precious. I do intend to finish the story, but even the best writers hit a wall occasionally, and I am miles outside that league.

*head!desking* so hard I should be bleeding,

Feb. 16th, 2014

Anwen and Gwen


This is really petty but the review is anon and I need to get it off my chest.

“Basically, cute - if it hadn't been for the mention of Gwack! I would have appreciated a warning :-(”

Okay, Anon. I understand your point. I also hate unwarned for mentions of my NoTPs, and if I had clicked a fic that was labelled for another pair and found several paragraphs devoted to my non-canon NoTP shagging like rabbits, I'd be a little put off too.

That said, my header is clearly visible right above my fic. And line seven of it is

Pairings: Lisa Hallett/Toshiko Sato; Jack Harkness/Gwen Cooper; Owen Harper/Martha Jones (mentions of Lisa Hallett/Ianto Jones; Gwen Cooper/Rhys Williams)” [emphasis added just now]

If you'd have appreciated a heads up about the pairings in the fic, you might have tried reading the section of the header that I wrote specifically to give people a heads up about the pairings in the fic. Did you want me to literally warn in the warning section of the fic? I'm... not doing that. Just read the pairings section.

Ugh. This isn't even the first time I've had reviewers get upset with me for writing and clearly labelling Gwack.

Dec. 20th, 2013



I don't give a crap about the new pairing feature, thanks

Dear reviewer,

Please stop harassing me about the new pairing feature. This is like the third time you've PM'd me or sent me a useless review telling me to change my stories over to fit this feature.

I have 200+ stories, and it's the holiday season plus I work two jobs. I don't have time to go through my 5+ year old stories to appease your sense of entitlement. It's not like I've ever got a legit favorite or review from you personally, so I don't even know why you're invested in directing me in what I need to do with my stories.

No love,


PS. I really suggest you take up knitting or volunteering at an animal shelter. Something more worthwhile besides bossing people around on an internet site.

Dec. 15th, 2013


The Adventures Of Melinda the Panther!

I posted a one-shot for The Jungle Book (the Disney version)/Jungle Cubs not long ago. I got excited when I received a review alert in my inbox, but that excitement turned to "Huh?" pretty quickly as I read it.

"This is such a good story could you make another new jungle book story? The
new story is called "Bagheera's Little Sister"

Bagheera's Little Sister
What is Bagheera had a younger sister name Melinda? She and her big brother
found Mowgli as a baby and together Melinda and Mowgli had an adventure
together with Melinda's big brother and their new friend Baloo the bear but
Melinda has a feeling that she might be in danger."

I'm not angry about it or anything, because the person doesn't seem to be coming from a place of spite or what have you. They just seem... well, ignorant of netiquette. I can see if I mentioned taking requests on my profile page, but I don't, and it strikes me as weird to ask random strangers to write a story for you.

Awkwardly (but politely) I had to explain to this person that I don't really like most of the Disney Jungle Book characters except for the two featured in my fic. And Melinda? Because that name totally fits in with the Jungle Book setting (though I can't say much about that, since the Disney film included characters with names like Winifred and Louie).

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